January 9th, 2012 -

LEED by Example

LEED by Example

We are passionate about the performance of our products. Natural lighting, indoor air quality, and the efficient use of water and energy are mantras that drive our design development. Combining these concepts with sites situated along transportation hubs and retail clusters transforms under utilized properties into neighborhood icons. As a result, tenants are able to experience a cleaner, more efficient and environmentally friendlier way of life.

Our goal is simple; to design, build and maintain the highest quality sustainable developments in Hoboken. Over the next few months we will engage you with stories from our team, as well as from various voices of our extended family. This assortment of contributors will provide a range of perspectives, comprehensively illustrating our care for the community and our commitment to a better way of living.

Sometimes the paths we choose to take are not the easiest, but maybe that is the true spirit of leading by example, striving to always do things the right way.

Sustainable living. Refined detail. Hoboken evolved.